At Bloom Lending and Financial Strategy we believe that timely and quality information is critical, we want to ensure that you understand what is actually taking place in the financial industry. We are proactive in the way we inform you and we make sure that what we convey is relevant to you personally and easy to understand. Our communication initiative is designed to ensure that you are kept up to date at all times with only the relevant news.

  • For instance, what are the relevant economic factors to be aware of? The RBA rate stance, global and domestic events, changes in policy and changes in consumer sentiment and confidence
  • How will these elements impact your finances, your decisions and long term goals? These are just a few considerations, bringing meaning to all this information and making it relevant to you as an individual is the true value-add. What are some of the ways that we communicate these things effectively to you?
  • Electronic correspondence such as email
  • Regular face to face meetings
  • Telephone calls, conference calls all dependant on your own logistical situation
  • Invitations to worthwhile and educational events

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