Why choose us

Why Choose Us

It’s all about the personal touch within every interaction. Each client, each scenario is inherently unique  – thereby each solution is tailored to your circumstance and as you circumstances change over time so do we.

Who pays us?

We are paid by the lenders for the professional service we deliver for our clients. Our service,  technical expertise and professionalism means that the lenders have to invest less money into infrastructure, staff, compliance and training  – which makes their business more profitable. In return this allows Bloom Lending to provide you with a better deal, sharper price, more features and above all actual relationship banking that the Lenders themselves cannot provide.

True relationship banking

With Bloom Lending and Financial Strategy you deal with the principal of the business throughout the whole of the journey.  The life blood of the business is our clients, our aim is to partner with you for the long run and remain relevant as your needs and circumstances change. Our primary aim is for you to be happy with our service and professionalism  – without this we do not exist.

What does all this actually mean for you?

This means that your singular point of contact for all things lending and advice is the actual owner of the business. The person with the most vested interest in your success.

Consider our business as your personal adviser in all things lending and banking, be it complex or simple. Our company is the instrument to make all banking and lending matters seamless so that you can focus on what you do best and what you enjoy doing the most.

This type partnership is critical in getting things done efficiently and with your best interests at heart. You don’t have to deal with call centers, no branches that treat you as a number, no double handling and no confusion. The interaction is personal, professional and flexible. We work around your schedule, we come to you and we ensure that service and professionalism of a consistently high standard is maintained.